That’s My “Bestie” Oh is it really? Relationship Talk

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That’s My “Bestie” Oh is it, really?¬†

Relationship Talk

It all started when a member of #GenerationYP posted on her Facebook page. Men and Women alike commented with their thoughts/opinions. It didn’t matter if they were single, invested or married, they had something to say. So what comment sparked such great controversy?

“Everybody has “brothers” and “sisters” and a “bestie.” If they are not your real family or legit extended family, we canNOT date. I don’t care how long they have been around.¬†


So what’s your take? do you think males and females can have a “bestie” without it being something more? Well here is what love advocate, Koereyelle had to say,

“I think that’s a statement from someone who’s had a bad experience with a “brother” or “sister”. Again, boundaries and respect are all that matters. If you trust your partner then this shouldn’t be an issue. One of the worst things you can do it let your fear from past experiences effect your new relationship. Let it go!!”

I am sure some of you have had good experiences where the “bestie” didn’t cause any problems. I am sure, some of you have been on the opposite end where it caused you great grief. Sound off below! Do you agree with Koereyelle? Let’s hear it!


This is a follow up story from Koereyelle’s feature in the most recent issue of YP Magazine. To read her full story, head over to our latest issue released, today, April 24th. Follow @Koereyelle on Instagram or her company/her brand @thesinglewivesclub¬†

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