The AfrocentricX

Notable Woman of the Month

Join YP Empire as we honor and celebrate women from across the country! This monthly award highlights strong, bold, sophisticated, dedicated, and innovative women. Selections are announced the last Sunday of every month. 


Professional and entrepreneurial women of color
are eligible to become the AfrocentricX Notable Woman of the Month.


We’ve identified that there are limited or negative images for women of color. We believe positive representation is important and we are committed to showcasing encouraging images of successful women.

The AfrocentricX Notable Woman of the Month

Presented by YP Empire, The AfrocentricX celebrates black women.
We are dedicated to her enrichment and empowerment.
The AfrocentricX woman is a role model, she’s a leader, she’s an active member in her community,
and she is continually working to grow professionally and personally.

We are accepting submissions!

The AfrocentricX Woman of the Month exemplifies the following characteristics:

  • Role Model
  • Empowering
  • Leader
  • Exhibits professional and personal growth
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the advancement of woman of color

Nominate a deserving woman today!

Please send a statement, in 150 words or less, telling us why you believe your nominee should be chosen as an awardee. Be sure to include their name, organization, and social media handles.

Please send your nominations for the AfrocentricX Woman of the Month to