Beauty & Brains? The Answer: Khalena Knox

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Beauty and Brains?

The Answer: Khalena Knox

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If you were to Google, Beauty and Brains, you will see there’s a never-ending debate. The age-old question; can you have beauty and brains is still a topic of discussion amongst bloggers, researchers and so forth. As Miss Florida International 2014 and graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Molecular Cellular Biology, Khalena Knox is the answer. She describes herself as a multi-faceted woman that works hard daily on expanding her brand. Model, Advocate, Entertainer (in front of and behind the camera) and Southern Belle are just a few words that describe Ms Knox.

ATT_1424224136037_ATT_1423600358710_FullSizeRender_3Breaking the preconceived idea of a woman that competes in beauty pageants, she’s very relatable and humble. “I am just like everyone else,” says, Knox. “I comment on my Instagram followers pictures, I follow back. I am no different.” Her humbleness does not take away from her confidence. She attributes her upbringing by strong, confident women that has lead to her self-esteem. “I never remember my mom saying, I need to lose weight, she was happy with what she saw and that is what I was used to. The women in my family always built me up,” admitted Knox. “They told me I can be whoever I wanted to be, that I was pretty and I was a princess.”  

The women in her family are a great stepping stone to her success. She consistently mentions her mother, grandmother and aunt. Her Aunt Ree has inspired her advocacy. She highly admired her aunt and after losing her to Lupus she became the ambassador of the Lupus Foundation, Florida Chapter. While this is very close to her heart and as if being a career oriented woman, model and advocate isn’t enough, she’s very versed in entertainment as well. 

After being recruited to appear on WeTV’s reality show, “Match Made in Heaven,” she begin to explore the entertainment world more thoroughly. She’s currently working on casting for the 2nd installment of the reality show. She likes being both in front of the camera and behind. She’s writing her own pilots and working on a few more ideas that are currently quietly kept. She’s also a field reporter in her current residence of Tallahassee, Florida. With her busy schedule, she says, “we all have the same 24 hours and we all have the same potential to be brilliant.” Her advice is to make your to-do list the night before so when you wake up you know what you must achieve the next day. 

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With her ambition she stays true to her southern roots. As a true Southern Belle, she says her ultimate goal is to have a family and be a good wife and mother. Though still on the market, she’s admittedly in a good place. She prefers a great personality and work ethic over looks. Born in Atlanta, raised in Lithonia, Georgia, she recalls, shucking corn as a kid and watching her grandmother rise early in the morning to prepare dinner and the home for her family. “I enjoy dusting, vacuuming and polishing silver,” professes Knox. While she confesses to being a southern belle, she knows she’s a bit unconventional. I am a southern belle but I work hard. “I grind for my legacy. I don’t want them to work as hard,” professed Knox. “This is why I have an internal drive to work hard.”

In addition to YP EMpire, you can find Knox on the stands in Metro Styles magazine. She’s a great beauty with great brains. She defies so many odds and looks to keep making ground-breaking power moves. We wish you the best of luck Khalena!

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