Rising Fashion Trendsetters: Makeup Edition – Dominique Rickett

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Rising Fashion Trendsetters: Makeup Edition with

Ms. Dominique Rickett

When you think of fashion trendsetters, do you think of prominent movers and shakers in the fashion and beauty worlds? We do! And Dominique Rickett is doing just that, she’s taking the beauty world by storm. In just two short years, Ms. Rickett continues to make great strides and accomplishments within the industry. As a professional makeup artist, she works with a variety of clients from photo shoots to proms, to weddings and private sessions, she’s becoming one of Detroit’s most sought after makeup artists. The originator of the #WhosBeatingYourFace hashtag and slogan, Ms. Rickett is more than a pretty face and talented hands, she’s a business woman looking to expand and enhance her brand. She found time in her busy schedule to share her advice, tips and insights with us. We are honored to have such a gem as our Rising Fashion Trendsetter!

I have grown so much in my craft. It took taking positive criticism and actively making the necessary changes to become a better Artist. Protect your brand.


Please introduce yourself? My name is Dominique Rickett. I am a freelance makeup artists within the metro Detroit area. Full-time student (Senior), part-time freelance makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, part-time Childcare employee for Troy School District, and founder and owner of Who’s Beating Your Face?, LLC.

What inspires you to pursue a career in the makeup industry? I like to be hands-on. I get lost in paradise when I am working on a client. Makeup artistry is my stress reliever. The craft is constantly evolving. There is always an opportunity to learn a new trending technique.


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What are some of your accomplishments and/or most memorable moments? Within my 2nd year of being a makeup artist I featured in a beauty blog based in New York City, hired as a freelance artist with MAC cosmetics, worked backstage with A private International Auto Show event in Detroit, MI, and turned my Instagram Hashtag #WhosBeatingYourFace into an LLC! In a short period I have gained a wide range of clientele and experience. It’s very humbling.

What are some things you do to perfect your craft?  I constantly watch tutorials and stay up to date with
what’s trending. Clients expect me to be hip to what’s new or up and coming.

What advice would you give aspiring makeup artist? Blend! Blend! And Blend some more! I look back at some of my first photos and feel slightly embarrassed of what I used to define as my best work. I have grown so much in my craft. It took taking positive criticism and actively making the necessary changes to become a better Artist. Protect your brand. Before releasing your name trademark or registrar your name.

What new projects do you have coming up or what are you currently working on? I am currently working on branding. Your image is huge in this day and age. I want to open my target audience and provide more services with my clients.


Last words? With God all things are possible if you believe.

Where can we find out more about Dominique Rickett and your makeup artistry? I am currently working on taking my brand to the next level. Specifically branding and capturing more diverse images of my work. Please follow my journey -Instagram @Drickett1922 #WhosBeatingYourFace  an my online portfolio at https://whosbeatingyourface.carbonmade.com/


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