April’s AfrocentricX Notable Woman of the Month

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Shanice Parker of Billz Productions

  1. Tell us your name and who you are. 

​Hello my name is Shanice Parker and I am the Founder and CEO of Billz Productions. With many startup companies you assume the position of worker and leader as your brand grows. Not only do I hold the founder/CEO position at my company I am also the photographer, videographer, visual editor, as well as a director within the company. I can be considered a jack of all trades when it comes to building my brand. Taking on all of these roles has been the foundation of Billz Productions today.

  1. Tell us more about Billz Productions and your brand.

​Billz Productions is a visual production company specializing in the art of producing visual content through photography, videography, editing, and directing services. I have developed a company that allows people the ability to revisit some of their greatest memories by producing momentous visuals.

  1. What birthed the idea of Billz Productions?

​I would say it was my calling. It is natural for me to be creative. Not only was it my talent to be a creator it was also my ability to be a leader. The idea of Billz Productions was created through my natural abilities to create and lead. I can say it was because I couldn’t get a job in production due to my lack of credentials but I have grown to learn it was so much more than that. To be truthful not finding a job was just that push I needed to revisit a calling I was intended to carry out.

  1. What are three goals you have for 2017? and/or What do you have coming up in 2017? 

​Be on the lookout for updates for my second film “Benny & Chris II”. I am extremely excited for people to see my progression from my first ​​film to my second.

  1. You are known for your hustle. Where do you get your inspiration? 

​I get a lot of my inspiration ​​from my family and my past experiences. I have come so far from my start that it continues to inspire me to keep going. My family plays a huge role in my hustling talent seeing that they are natural hustlers. They have worked constantly to get what they want and never once complained. I am just blessed to perceive my life the way I do whereas something as simple as family and past experience has molded my ability to stay inspired.

  1. What are three branding tips you can give others trying to make a name for themselves? 

​My first branding tip I would give someone is for them to be themselves. The second tip is for them to keep perfecting their craft and learn from others in their field. The third tip is for them to wait their turn for acknowledgement. But in order for these tips to work for you, you have to remain patient and humble.

  1. What advice would you like to give other women looking to flourish in an industry dominated by men? 

​Keep your head up and take control of your room or setting. By doing that you must be confident of who you are and what you stand for. There will be many people that may view your take on this strategy as too demanding especially if you’re a Black woman. If you remain true to your belief in yourself you will have full control over you and your setting whether or not your industry is full of men.

  1. One reason, of the many, you were chosen as the AfrocentricX Woman of the Month is your commitment to the advancement for women. Why does it mean so much to you that women succeed?  

I believe being a woman is a beautiful thing! We are unique beings with a beautiful way of perceiving our surroundings. With all success stories a woman has played a huge role in it. It is important that us as woman recognize our beauty and not just physically but mentally as well. We possess the natural ability to create and serve as a carrier of new things. Without the diversity of a man and woman’s mind we will not bring realistic success for all.

  1. What does it mean to you to be named the AfrocentricX Woman of the Month?

​It means a lot to be accredited for my work and journey. I have to say it is honor that I am viewed in that light. I am happy and appreciative of this acknowledgment.

  1. What is one last thing you’d like to share with our audience about Shanice Parker? 

​I am looking to build my team here at Billz Productions so if you are interested or know someone who is interested in working within the production field please feel free to reach out to me. ​

Written by: Shenise N. Foote-Vann

Founder and Editor-in-Chief for YP Empire, Shenise N. Foote-Vann, has a sincere passion for the empowerment and enrichment of her community. Mrs. Foote-Vann earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism graduating from the Honors College of Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. There she researched, The Effects of Hip Hop Culture on Black Women and the Black Culture.” Since, she’s written a plethora of cultural articles, led numerous discussions and workshops on Black America, and worked with several urban based community organizations. Mrs. Foote-Vann founded The AfrocentricX in 2016 as a means to educate, entertain, and empower Black America, more specifically, black women.

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