About YP Empire

The Digital Magazine for the Young Professional Woman of Color

Founded June 2014, YP Empire was established for the multidimensional young professional by Shenise N. Foote-Vann. Mrs. Foote-Vann had a humble childhood. Though she had a love for magazines, she craved more content that spoke to and for her. She often felt dismissed and forgotten by media outlets as a girl with course hair, full lips, ambition, and entrepreneurial desires. The establishment of YP Empire was the beginning of fulfilling those desires. In 2016, as racism and misogyny seem to flourish, Mrs. Foote-Vann knew there was another disparity largely unmet. Albeit progression, media outlets were still dismissing and forgetting her. In March 2016, after much thought, consideration, and prayer, she decided to dedicate YP Empire to the forgotten woman, the black woman. Offering the latest news and stories in Career, Culture, Fashion, and Lifestyle, YP Empire is the one-stop arena for the ambitious woman of color. 


The latest news and tips for young professionals & entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand. 


Learn and enjoy black culture with recent information from music, film, TV,  art and news.


Fashion trends and style inspiration on what’s hot in fashion, beauty, and hair tips for women of color. 


All things concerning black life, from health and wellness to self-care and motivation. 

Mission Statement

At YP Empire, we promote the enlightenment and success of all of our readers and subscribers. We pledge to educate, entertain, and empower our readers by way of our content and events, while consistently using our platform to promote personal and professional growth among women of color.

Vision Statement

To become the nation’s premiere magazine company amongst young professional women of color by 2021.