5 Simple Steps to Alleviate Dry Brittle Hair

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How to maintain a good moisture balance for your hair can be very difficult during the winter months but here are some tips and ideas to get you started;

Product wash regimen –  it doesn’t matter if you are a weekly or bi weekly washer, these steps still apply;

  1. Mild shampoo, paying close attention to the scalp and not over washing the length.
  2. Deep condition. Deep conditioners are needed as a preventative measure. It helps maintain your hair’s luster, shine, moisture, helps prevent breakage and shedding.
  3. Leave in. Always apply a leave in. They help to smooth the hair cuticle which helps with shine and bounce, and it also helps with moisture.
  4. Sealing creme. A sealing creme helps to keep the moisture in, and it can be used to style hair as well.
  5. Sealing butter/oil. This step is optional but since it is the winter you should probably seal in the sealer…lol This gives an extra layer of protection to ensure moisture retention.

Extra things you can include in the winter besides the normal procedure;

  1. Apply a pre treatment. Pre treatments add a little extra moisture and strength to your hair, and also helps to detangle. This goes on before you wash the hair.
  2. Use a steamer to give your strands a little extra moisture. I cannot spend $150 on a steamer so there is an alternative…
  • Apply a conditioner or oil of your choosing to your hair and pin up before shower time.
  • Take a nice steamy shower while hair is out but up in the clips.
  • 10-15 minutes later hair should be nicely steamed.
  • Rinse conditioner and proceed to your next steps.

Styling; Choosing the right style in the winter could help tremendously with moisture retention, which includes;

  1. Protective style, which includes but not limited to; wigs, braids, buns, and twisted updos. Be sure not to leave in for more than 4-6 weeks and before going into another, wait 2-3 weeks.
  2. This may not be the most popular among curlies but straighten hair. When you straighten hair it helps to allow the moisture/oils  to move freely throughout the hair. Some curlies will straighten hair in the winter just because of this and it is more convenient. (Be sure to use proper precautions before applying heat. Heat temp should be between 300-350). If you are not a fan of heat here are some alternatives;
  • Use perm rods, flexi rods, curl formers..etc this will help to stretch the hair and it will somewhat give you the same effect.
  • Do a blowout. Be sure to use a good heat protectant and blow on low. You can then style your hair much easier and help to keep the moisture in.

This will conclude this segment. Hope you enjoyed.


Kummbareh Owens, Wife, Mother of 3, and CEO of EverButter LLC

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